June Favorites

As some of you may or may not know I’ve had a bit of time on my hands. Something I would love to keep track of is what I was up to and enjoying. So I’m going to be one of those people with monthly favorites. June is almost over peeps and hopefully you’ll get some cool shit out of it. Idk.


June Favorites

Food: Tabbouleh. Dat some tasty stuff.

Drink(s): If you want make me the happiest mofo out there, have a blueberry ale with me. It’s hard to find and recently I had to substitute with blueberry cider. Blue Gold is an acceptable switch. Damn.

Book(s): The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben. This book is so cute because you can tell just how passionate the German dude is for trees, and he has solidified my interest in forestry. Check it out for sure. You will never look at trees the same way. #protreerights

TV Show(s): Ok. I finally got to watch Rick and Morty… when is season 3? Speaking of which, I have joined The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt family. It’s my kind of weird with fabulous political undertones. I also have to add my undying love for Supergirl and The 100  (both have new seasons on Netflix). Supergirl, although corny, can be strangely woke sometimes, and The 100 is just a sci-fi chick’s paradise with strong female protagonists.

Over in the non-fiction section, Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and wildlife film-maker Gordon Buchanan.

Anthony Bourdain reminds me what exceptional journalism means. His show travels the world and tells the stories with stunning shots, a face full off food, tough questions, and the occasional flipping off to the camera man.

Passed the people and into the wilderness, Scot Gordon Buchanan confronts the creatures that scare us most, and sheds a new light on ‘em. Despite the occasional controversial method, Gordon gets up close while having so much respect for his furry subjects and brings up the critical issues surrounding them. The accent certainly adds to his charm too.

Movie(s): Wonder Woman. BAM. DONE. WOKE.

Youtube Channel(s): He’s a popular dude already but got to give a s/o to Alfie Deyes’ pointlessblogvlogs. He’s just moved house and I’m living vicariously through him and Zoe Sugg.

Activity: Bicycling. Given the new bike and the right routes, it’s quite the experience. I get all my thoughts out while pretending I’m still somewhat athletic.

Music: Peep my Spotify. Ask don’t snoop.

Other: Copper and peaches. No explanation. Go with it.



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