July Favorites

Food: Tim Tams, where have you been all my life? They are delicious biscuits coated in chocolate with chocolate cream in the middle. My favorite flavors are mint (practically Thin Mints) and of course dark chocolate. Expect a suitcase full of them on the way back. You are welcome customs.

Drink(s): I AM LEGAL HERE! Nonalcoholic: B&Z soda. It’s like 7-up but ginger ale but … also honeyish?

My favorite local beer so far is Tui. And duh, any cider or sprite with limes in it.

Good Reads: I signed up for Skimm; a non-biased, quick, daily update of the news, and it does not disappoint. It includes world events as well, and has kept me updated on the madness in the States abroad. Glad I’m not there.

TV Show(s): Being in New Zealand, I now have the shows available here via Netflix. Yes, several series I intended to watch are no longer available but there’s some good stuff here. Still skimming about, but:

Anne with an E: This is based off Anne of Green Gables and just like the book I got teary eyed several times.

The Last Kingdom (Season 2): This is a fictional tale about when the Danes are occupying Britain. I live for men as daring and sexy as Uhtred. Damn boy. I won’t give too much away because it is the second season after all.

Grimm: Yeah, I used to watch this show when I was 14 but never saw the beginning episodes. It is all on Netflix now, so take a cheeky little peep at a monster-slayer blood line.

Movie(s): On my 14 hr plane ride from LA to Sydney I got some movies IN. I FINALLY saw Hidden Figures. If you don’t know it, I cannot help you. I also saw the Zookeeper’s Wife (a family-run zoo during the German occupation of Poland) and had my faith in humanity restored quite a bit.

Youtube Channel(s): I won’t lie, I love a spine shiver every once in awhile, and Snarled is the channel for that. Whether it’s a scary story in the Something Scary series, or learning about the worst serial-killers of all  time. Oh humanity.

Activity: Hiking/ Tramping when the suns out, watercolors when the rains about. Gotta love the ever-changing weather of New Zealand.

Music: I think I have been singing/listening to just as much music in Māori as English. Hm. Peep dat Haka page.

Other: Ocean breezes and blooming flowers.



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