Plant your Roots and Grow

“Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu koe me maunga teitei”

“Pursue that which is precious, and do not be deterred by anything less than a lofty mountain.”

Whether it be an icy trail that you’re just too clumsy for, or acknowledging wrongdoings,

I don’t often raise the white flag…

I burn it.

Photo Aug 04, 7 25 00 AM.jpg

When your life moto is pretty much karawhiua (go hard) and kia kaha (be strong), it’s hard to accept defeat and swallow your pride.

It’s my greatest flaw.

But the icy air of Lake Tekapo held me deep in self-reflection.

My spirit swirling in hot pools that cold Saturday night.

The thrilling view of the snow-capped mountains and stars beginning to dance around the sky…

Was one of the most magnificent moments I have ever experienced.

Photo Aug 04, 5 45 55 AM.jpg

It reminded me how lucky I am.

“I believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, truly being who you are.” -Viola Davis

To live.

To dream.

To sing and dance.

To fly so free.

To be here.

And I owe the world.Photo Aug 11, 7 32 00 AM.jpg


Self-acceptance of both strength and weakness within me has been the loftiest of mountains.

My journey in New Zealand is confronting every one of them.

Whether it is the part of me I should learn to be a wee less hard on,

the part I’m still getting to know and am pleasantly surprised with,

or the part in need of humility and guidance.

The friends I am making from all over the world, the trails I’m tramping, and the Māori education I am receiving, have placed me in both leader and listener positions for self-contemplation.

Photo Aug 12, 9 56 26 PM.jpg

I am so grateful for all the people who have impacted me, the gifts I have been given, and the opportunities I have been provided.


I strive to impact others just the same.

With beauty of the mind, give back

With richness of spirit, provide.

With tenderness of heart, be there for those in need.

No more, no less in pursuit of what is precious.Photo Aug 12, 9 56 08 PM.jpg

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