August Favorites

August favorites

Food: Golden kiwi. I didn’t even know this magnificent version of a kiwi existed till now. S/o to my sweet tooth ‘cause this fruit is slightly sweeter than its green sister.  ALSO: paua. Freshly caught by Jewels at the Stewart Island Hostel with his secret recipe. Strangely tasted like falafel.


Drink(s): Quite a few this month. The Lime Milkshake from Dunedin for starters. Don’t knock it till ya try it. It is the perfect balance of creamy and citrus to make lime appropriate in a milkshake. Matua wine is pretty damn cheap for NZ and not too dry.  L&P Float Soda is up there with Dr. Pepper for me now. Normally creaming soda is just too much sugar for me, but the balance of lemon is delicious. Last but not least, Rekorderling Cider: Elderflower-Lime. Please be available in the States otherwise it’s time to move already.


Book(s): Haha, do field guides count? B/c then my native NZ edible plants guide.

TV Show(s): Nothin. Ik, right? A busy month does that to ya.

Movie(s): One time I watched Spy Kids after my exam b/c Spy Kids.

Youtube Channel(s): ctfxc  This was the beginning channel of my youtube obsession. Charles Trippy is a daily vlogger, and his wife, Allie, is my kind of goofy. I hope to be in a relationship as great as theirs someday. As they live in Florida, I’m hoping they stay safe from Irma!

Activity: Campervaning my way through a 2-week break. So worth it.

Music: My favorite wine is tequila. My jam in my playlist: Jams (much creative, such stoopid).


Other: My essential oil diffuser necklace! It is a Celtic tree of life locket, and you stick a color-of-your- choice-felt-circle in it, soaked in an essential oil.



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