Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu.

Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu.

Although it is small,  it is precious.

That’s exactly how my last two weeks have been. The adventures are not as grand as last posts, but just as blissful, full of laughs, and wonderment. When not studying or watching Netflix, I’ve been sneaking around Christchurch with my partner in crime, Deedee. She’s a silly, real, and funny cookie. Being an American as well, we relate in how both taken a back and not really surprised we are in our country’s stupidity and culture. If you end up reading dis post Deedee: HI I LOVE YOU!

Photo Sep 19, 9 56 07 AM.jpg

Anyways, the first adventure was to the Botanic Gardens. This time: In seasonish! Since it’s spring here, which btw, is completely throwing me off (I keep thinking it is almost Easter when it is Halloween next), the gardens were in bloom. AND SO PRETTY.

Photo Sep 19, 9 55 03 AM.jpgPhoto Sep 19, 10 02 13 AM.jpgPhoto Sep 19, 11 16 05 AM.jpg

We agreed to go back  to sketch b/c flowers. Plants get me.

Photo Sep 19, 10 06 10 AM.jpg

Flashforward a few more days, and she was with me whilst getting my first tattoo!

Lemme just say, this has been in the works for a while. The design has changed A LOT overtime, but finally came out more perfect than I could have imagined.

I love, love, love tattoos, and all the people I knew with them growing up happen to be some of my favorite. I knew I wanted to start my own work, but I was not sure exactly how to start.


When I found out I was going to New Zealand I knew it would have to be done there and represent my experience. I cannot tell you how much this place means to me. Often times, my happy places growing up, when I really needed that escape, was to imagine myself in this magical place. I feel so welcome, and so, so rejuvenated. Not a day has gone by here that I haven’t smiled and really meant it.


So w/o going into too much depth b/c the meanings are personal, the design is moko, but since I am pakeha, kirituhi. The overall  shape is both a fern and a feather. The fern is the symbol of New Zealand in a way, and the feather, because… I a bird set free 😊The spirals you see are koru. When silver ferns begin to unravel they take on this shape, so their meanings have to do with my journeys in personal growth and with my relationships with others. The coloring is not traditional, but I wanted the design to in particular remind me of the Kea. I love my little alpine parrots, and they remind me to stay curious, silly, and a lil cheeky in even the simplest parts of life.Photo Sep 23, 3 09 18 PM.jpg


And that’s that! And no, it really didn’t hurt lol.


After that I made Deedee try Nando’s. Hey, and if you are slow like me, there IS a difference between large and seriously large fries. There were too many fries going on there.

We next decided to walk around the central part of the city, but then someone messaged Deedee saying they had found her passport! Oops!

So began the journey to meet up with this guy. He chose a place, and we accidentally went to its pre-earthquake location to find nothing but rubble. We eventually wised up, found him (he was so sweet!), and decided we needed a drink.Photo Sep 23, 5 32 53 PM.jpg

We headed to the Last Word, a cozy little whiskey bar, had a few drinks, ate the best muffins eva at the bus station, and went back to the flat to watch The Sound of Music. No regrets.


The next day we decided to go back to the same part of the city when everything is actually open! You see, night retail is not really a thing here. The city mall pretty much is a ghost town by 5pm. So we explored the shops, and then headed to the art gallery.



If you ever end up here, DO SEE Len Lye’s Exhibition. His works with steel, light, and kinetics will leave you acting like a little kid seeing fireworks for the first time.


All and all, it has been a quieter two weeks, but a precious time for sure.

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