Merry and Be Bright

I made it my mission to explore more of Christmas in Chicago. This damn city gives me little flutters when I see it again. Especially after 6 months.Photo Dec 20, 12 41 17 PM.jpg


First things first: it was time to see Episode 8 of Star Wars.

Photo Dec 18, 7 44 42 PM.jpg

Photo Dec 18, 7 47 20 PM.jpg

Gotta say, not what I expected, but it was decent. Luke turned dark, man.

And Rey has no training. I did want a training montage ‘cause I do think it is bs she has had basically nothing. I did like the political commentary that was haywire throughout the film though.


However, Rogue One remains my favorite.


Next it was time for the big museums full of Christmas trees, the markets, and then the zoo lights.Photo Dec 21, 7 46 51 PM.jpg


I didn’t get to see my gorilla homies in action, but that’s okay. They need sleep too.


It was wonderful to see old friends as well, even if it was just a little hello and cookie making.

Photo Dec 22, 2 13 00 PM.jpg


It’s interesting how memories of a town fade with distance.


Dead friendships with wonderful memories, yes.


…But the bad teenage ones, thank god they do fade.


All in all I enjoy hearing the ring of a Chicago accent again.


Especially when hanging with my #1Photo Dec 24, 5 20 23 AM.jpg


And speaking of #1s, it was damn good to see family too. That unconditional, wonky, crazy love.

Photo Dec 25, 6 44 51 PM.jpg


For the past 2 months, I had good eatin, great times out, and so many laughs, but I’ve also had an itch for reality and continuing real life.


So like a wonderful dream, that chapter closes, and it is time to get serious again.


Nonetheless, a silly kind of serious knowing me, but I have shit to do. It’s time to get back to the daily grind.


Yes, that means snapchat and facebook have left my phone.


No worries, insta and tumblr remain and so does messenger.


It comes down to what helps me be a productive, creative individual and what really fucking does not.


Time to get to work, only this time with much more of a grip than ever.


2018, my lab goggles are on, the textbooks are reopened, and my crown is fastened.cytoplasm__dancing_queen__gif_by_sarinasunbeam-d967ts9.gif




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