Hi. I’m Cece. Maybe you know me. Maybe you used to, but most likely you are just getting to know me. In which case I say … same. I’m a sensitive soul with a wild spirit, and to be short and sweet here’s all I’ll say:

I was a small kid who once spent enough time out of school sick that her class sent her cards. I think they thought I was clinically ill or dying, but, when you are as tiny as I am defeating a stomach virus can be your World War. When you are always below the BMI and being picked up by your taller peers, being ill means your body uses everything it has, you lose weight, and it takes a hell of a lot longer to get better. Indeed, maybe it was the internal battles by my immune system where I began to understand that even the tiniest of organisms could kick my ass. Mad respect to those microbes, plants, cephalopods, etc who humans condemn as lesser or nonexistent.


You will always find intertwined in this blog my love for biology.

2006-P Rocks 4



Despite not taking up my space, I never acted like it. No, I was a confident ball of fire; daring, mesmerizing, but not something to mess with. Damn cute too.


And maybe it was the hormones, attending more funerals than weddings, the onset of acne, or the first boy to break my heart, but that fiery flame whimpered down to ash.

It was weird to look back on a past where my hopeless romantic didn’t exist to combat my independent woman. A time where I did not care about how my hair looked. When I did not give a damn if there was something on my face, much less if it required a shower. Screw that. But now I LIKED showers? Who LIKES showers?

Please take as little offense as possible if you are pro-shower, but what kind of life sentence are you serving if a shower is some sort of euphoric escape from your reality? Why are my thoughts not as free-flowing when I face the world, as they are murmured by running water and covered with a curtain?

How did I get here?  Where is Cece? Is she doing ok?




What in the hell?

You are HER. You’ve always been HER.




And that’s how I made fresh, new, social media accounts with ONLY the people that met my standards, filled out that study abroad application, bought my tickets to New Zealand, and finished off my sophomore year of college as best I could.

And that’s how I HOPPED on that plane to fly, fly away on a New Zealand adventure.

That’s how I STARTED my twenties.

And THIS is how I’m GONNA (yeah take THAT proper English) record them.

And why apricot?

To me it embodies the spirit of fire in its color, yet it is sweet. To be an independent, intelligent woman is one thing, but to be a kind one takes on another level of maturity.

Kick ass with compassion. Kill that patriarchy with kindness. Be ruthless in a strangely loving way 😉

That’s much what my shenanigans will be on this blog.

If you’ve read this far I hope you’ll come along on this journey in whatever way, shape, or form you like.

All my love. All my best wishes,

Cece Apricot.